LaTournous Glass Collection

Stemware and Beverage

WINE  Optic, ribbed.  Poppy color/pink opal.

Collection No 818


Collection No NN 31

BEER MUG  In wreath - Charles Foedisch - England.  Band of bulls-eye around top, base flat fluted.  Heavy clear glass.

Collection No NN 10


BEER MUG  Engraved and monogrammed for Claude Schiff, a cousin of Victor LaTournous and godfather of Charles LaTournous.

Collection No 535

TUMBLERS (2)  Shell type, engraved "F. W. Clauson" "Mrs. Clauson".  Mr. Clauson was a blacksmith in the area of North Main Street in Honesdale, PA.  He was written up as one who could make many types of horse shoes and corrective shoes for horses.

Collection No 124 and 125

LEMONADE  #633 shape, cut "#20".  Dorflinger preferred that name to "punch cup".  Clear glass.  Reference- line drawing book III 201.

Collection No 418

MUG  Small, clear, engraved "Flutes and Rudolph" from Philip and Ida Dean.

Collection No NN 8

TUMBLER (pair)  Shell type, clear glass.  Etched "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rupert from your granddaughter Freda".

Collection No 907

TUMBLER  Gilded.

Collection No 538

TUMBLER  One of three tumblers, all clear, "Mitre".

Collection No 177

TUMBLER (6)  Variety for home of worker, assorted size, gift from R. Y Shell.   Tumblers by C. Dorflinger.

Collection No NN 73

TUMBLER  Copper wheel engraved, very busy design without identification.  Formerly collection of John Dorflinger.

Collection No 227

TUMBLER  Clear, Optic, Engraved "R. C. Post 1919"

Collection No NN 83

MUG  Clear glass, "Fine Diamond" monogrammed "C".

Collection No 879


TUMBLER  Water size, clear, cut "Dresden"

Collection No 819

TUMBLER (one of three)  Heavy flutes.

Collection No 177

WINE Green over clear, tulip #720 or #910.

Collection No 502

WINE  Tall, green bowl, pattern #1140.

Collection No 464

WINE  Stone engraved, clear.  Pattern #223.

Collection No 873

WINE  Flash Star foot, stem smoothed, blank.

Collection No NN 87

SHERRY (2)  Etched, gilded roses.

Collection No 751

WINE  Clear glass, etched and gilded.  Honesdale Decorating Company.

Collection No 680


CORDIAL  Clear glass, etched and gilded.  Honesdale Decorating Company.

Collection No 681

WINE  Etched and gilded "Cataract", bell shaped.  Reference Shape M Plate 81.

Collection No NN 28

TUMBLER  Optic, gilded, monogrammed "HK".

Collection No NN 93

GOBLET  Monogram Sample

Collection No 633

COCKTAIL  Nine pieces, cut "Heavy Flute" plus fixed glass cherry amd two loose cherries.

Collection No 804

WINE/SHERRY  Design "Heavy Flute", clear glass.

Collection No NN 65 and NN 66

COCKTAIL  Four pieces, fixed cherry.  This seems to have bee unique to the White Mills company.  There is, however, no listing found in any of their publications so this was possibly an item that was made for special use.

Collection No 832

CLARET  "Kalana Lilly" #155 Service

Collection No NN 26

CLARET  "Kalana Lilly" #155 Service

Collection No NN 27

CLARET  Pair, ruby color, design blank.

Collection No NN 59

COCKTAIL  Pair, cranberry bowl, clear stem and foot.  Stone wheel engraved "Rococo"  Reference Catalog 11, pg 35

Collection No 908

CLARET  #730 service, ruby, damaged.

Collection No NN 92

CLARET  No 527 stemware line, cranberry color.  Few lines of stemware were as elaborately cut as was the Holland line.  Goblets were in the $30 to $40 per dozen range.  Holland was priced at $84.00.

Collection No 415

CLARET  Color cranberry, cut "Strawberry Diamond".

Collection No 420

WINE  Ruby, cut "Colonial".

Collection No 494


GOBLET  Clear glass, deep cut.  Shown in 1890 catalog.

Collection No 685

WINE  Tall, crest for monogram, cut "Strawberry and Diamond".  Clear glass.

Collection No 711

GOBLET  Clear glass, heavy blank made for deep cutting.  Cut "Japanese" - very rare pattern.  Old Plate 28.

Collection No 581

CLARET  Clear, table service No. 12, cut "Chippendale".  Reference M Plate 78.

Collection No NN 34

SHERRY  Clear glass, cut "Arcola".  Reference design Neg. 8 wine bottle in center of page.  This glass is cut in reverse.

Collection No 789

WINE  4-5/8" high, engraved, cut "Yacona" for the yacht by that name.  A complete set was made for the yacht.

Collection No 642

SHERRY  No 12 table service.  Cut "Honeycomb" by other shops would have been cut by a round edged stone.  Dorflinger used a mitre ston.  1905-1919.

Collection No 210

GOBLET  Clear bowl, stem and foot Venetian Blue.  Design blank.

Collection No NN 44

PARFAIT  Glass of the #519 stemware line.  This example is damaged.  One of the 2,300 pieces sent to Cuba.

Collection No 144

GOBLET  Cuban Crest 5-7/8" high.  This design was accepted by President Menocal of Cuba.  After three years, 2,300 pieces of various sizes were sent to Cuba.

Collection No 639

WINE  Clear glass, engraved "Miss Emma Ferber" plus flowers and bird.  From the same home as #115.

Collection No 121

WINE  Tulip shaped, clear glass.  Etched snow flakes, Honesdale Decorating Company, optic.

Collection No 909

WINE  Clear glass, engraved with three windows with "N" in one.

Collection No 889

COCKTAIL  Clear bowl, stem and green foot.  Crest - rooster on crown.

Collection No 455

COCKTAIL  No. 790 service, clear glass.  Reference:  Appendix C from A Revi Art N in Dorflinger catalog.  Honesdale Decorating Company, 1914.

Collection No 462

COCKTAIL  Clear glass, shape #795.  Optic, etched "Laurel", not gilded.

Collection No NN 17

CLARET  Clear, pattern "Hawthorne", reference C Plate 30.

Collection No NN 38

WINE  #519 table service.  Clear, pattern double fine rings upper and lower bowl, optic.  Reference: 1904 brochure.

Collection No NN 45

WHITE WINE  #760 table service, copper wheel engraved.

Collection No NN 88

WINE BELL-SHAPE  Blank design, optic, clear glass.

Collection No NN 20

GOBLET  Monogrammed "M. L." for Madeleine LaTournous, Ray's great-grandmother.

Collection No 536

CLARET  Bell-shaped, clear, etched "Hollyhock".  Reference M plate 81.

Collection No NN 33

WINE  Stemware shape #80, clear glass.  Cut "Spiral".  Reference: Old plate No. 7d.

Collection No 730

CLARET  Bell-shaped, cut "Mitre" etched 000000 below rim.  Clear glass.

Collection No NN 53

WINE  Bell-shaped, border etched in prep for gilding, clear glass, optic.

Collection No NN 19

GOBLET  Clear glass, 5-7/8" high.  This item never became part of the stemware line.  The company found it too expensive and time consuming to produce.  It was called "Italian Renaissance".  Only samples were made, placing this entry in the very rare category.  Stone engraved and polished.

Collection No 641

GOBLET  Bowl only, green overlay, ribbed.  Dorflinger made these bowls leaving the nub at the base which was notched to be fitted to a metal stem and foot.  Plater of Paris was used at that time.  The notch was there to keep the bowl from turning.

Collection No 621

GOBLET.  Design "1070 Rock Crystal".

Collection No 629

GOBLET BOWL  Clear glass, Rock Crystal, engraved, No. 2.

Collection No 630

WINE  Small, clear glass, "Heavy Flute".

Collection No NN 22

BLANK STEMS  Two sizes, clear glass.  Made by C. Dorflinger for Gundy Clapperton, Ontario, Canada.

Collection No NN 75


Collection No NN 105

CHAMPAGNE  Shape #520, clear glass, pattern "Parisian".

Collection No NN 23

CHAMPAGNE  Etched "Water Lilly".

Collection No NN 72

CHAMPAGNE  Clear glass, etched "Scroll" and cut "Mitre".

Collection No 519

GOBLET  Clear, monogram "Mrs. H" and wreath.

Collection No NN 58

RED WINE  Clear, "Primula"  Reference 1904 brochure.

Collection No NN 40

GOBLET  Clear glass, "Cuban Crest" and design "493".  5-7/8" high.  THis sampe design was not accepted by President Menocal of Cuba.

Collection No 638

CHAMPAGNE  Hollow stem or fountain, clear, stone engraved number 730.  Reference III 279e, bell shaped.

Collection No NN 36


Collection No 840

CORDIAL  Etched and gilded.

Collection No 750

WINE  #519 service, blank, twist stem, optic.

Collection No NN 37

GOBLET  Clear, monogrammed "J. R."  copper wheel engraved, John Rimlinger.

Collection No NN 57

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