LaTournous Glass Collection


PLATE  Clear glass, damaged.  Pattern "Sultana".  This design was one of those that came before the turn of the century.  Following the design from the center to the perimeter, one will see it is what is known as "expanding Star design".

Collection No NN 6

EPERGINE  Clear color, trumpet vase attached to inside center of 6-1/2" bowl, overall height 11".

Collection No NN 56

FINGER BOWL  Clear glass, engraved "Vintage" and cut "Hollow Diamond".  Late Brooklyn or early White Mills.

Collection No 457

BON-BON  Clear glass, footed, stemmed bowl with cover, 7" diameter.  Rock crystal engraved "1140", 1910-1919.

Collection No 208

NAPPIE  6" round, clear glass, design "Mandarin"

Collection No 922

BON-BON  #1062 shape, clear glass, cut "Parisian".

Collection No 880

BUTTER TUB  Clear glass, cut "Royal".  In place of a star cut bottom, a design of rays extend from the center which were then filled in between with cross-hatching.

Collection No 655

BOWL  Low, light weight 7" diameter, 1-1/4" deep, clear glass.  Stone wheel engraved and polished "Italian Renaissance".  Refer to No. 641 for details.

Collection No 837

GRAPEFRUIT (pair)  Monogrammed "M. F. Weinberger", clear glass.  One with liner to be used for shrimp and sauce.

Collection No 923

SHERBET  Clear glass, design "Colonial".  Reference 11, page 15.

Collection No NN 15

FLOWER GLOBE  Clear glass, cut "Sultana".  Ref III 89 for shape only.

Collection No 906

NAPPIE  Handled, shape #360, clear glass.  Cut "Marlboro", 5" - unusually small. Reference:  Old Plate 10.

Collection No 650

CELERY VASE  Cut "Hollow Diamond".

Collection No 862

FINGER BOWL and PLATE  Clear, etched, "Chinese Daisy".

Collection No 742

LEAF NAPPIE  Cut "Star and Diamond".

Collection No 648

PLATE  Size 10-1/2" diameter, clear glass.  From the home Nathaniel Bailey of Brooklyn, NY.

Collection No 640

SAUCE  Oval size, cut in "Carisbrooke" or "Leonora".  Carisbrooke is shown on a flower boat or celery on Neg 22.  Lenora is shown on a No. 414 Comport on M Plate 68.  There seems to be no difference.

Collection No 180

BON-BON  Shape #119, clear glass, cut "Parisian".  Reference:  Old Plate 10

Collection No 903

SYRUP  Silver flip- top lid and Rock crystal engraved.  Clear glass, "1205" pattern.

Collection No 646

COMPORT  Venetian repro.  Blue, 7" high, 5" wide.

Collection No NN 52

CRUET  #429 shaped cruet, clear glass.  Cut "Hollow Diamond".

Collection No 762

CHEESE DOME  Silverplate, design being researched.  Rock crystal.

Collection No 902

CHEESE or BUTTER DOME  Clear glass, etched "Kalana Lily".  Underplate is not available for display.

Collection No 342

EPERGNE  Three arms holding three baskets.  Clear glass, at one time this piece was in one of Dorflinger's New York offices.

Collection No 659

BON-BON  Cresent-shaped #117, clear glass, cut "Parisian".

Collection No 609

COMPORT/BON-BON  5" diameter, 2" high.  Design is "Gilded Conrflower".  Reference for pattern REVI Page 270.

Collection No NN 55

FLOWER GLOBE  Well known as a Rose Bowl.  Cut in "Star and Diamond" pattern, another in the 1890s patterns.  Clear glass.

Collection No 826


Collection No NN 95

SAUCE  Clear glass, engraved border and star bottom.  Early White Mills of late Brooklyn.  Pattern unknown.

Collection No 179

ROSE BOWL  Venetian repro blue.  8" diameter, 7" high.

Collection No NN 49

SHERBET  Raised gilt.

Collection No 491

BASKET  Clear glass, engraved "No 910".  Reference for design only NEg 16.

Collection No NN 39

PUNCH CUP  Roman punch glass and plate.  Ruby over crystal, cut "Hob Diamond".  Hob Diamond is a name peculiar to this company and is known by all others as Hobnail.

Collection No 276

CHINA PLATE  Enameled "St. Charles" for the hotel created by Christian Dorflinger for his guests and clients in White Mills.

Collection No 667

BOWL  Small, cut "Colonial", 3" by 1-1/2" punch cup.

Collection No 897

NAPPIE  6-1/4", cut "Colonial".

Collection No NN 16

BOWL  Green over clear, 2-1/4" high, 4-3/4" diameter.

Collection No NN 70


BOTTLE  Small, clear glass, blown mold in "Basket Weave" pattern.  Dug at same factory site as noted on #447.

Collection No 527 & 528

SALTS  #1218 shape, clear glass, cut "Parisian".

Collection No NN 96

SYRUP  Clear glass, cut "Belmont", 1890s.  Metal flip-top  not sterling.

Collection No 587


SUGAR SIFTER  Clear glass, cut "Royal".  Threaded brass cover that was plated.  1890s.

Collection No 524

NUT or BUTTER  Clear glass for individual place setting.  Cut "Royal".  Shape shown on Old Plate 35.

Collection No 764

NUT DISH  Set of six, etched and gilded.  Reference M Plate 124.

Collection No NN 102

DISH  Round, clear glass, partially polished.  Cut "Mitre and Silver Diamond".  The partial polishing of this piece was intentionally preserved in that state to show what a piece of cut glass looks like before it is polished.

Collection No 331

CHERRY JAR  Clear glass.  This piece was cut in the "483" pattern, better known as Van Dyke.  It has an air-tight stopper.

Collection No 562

LINER  Royal color, intended to be placed inside a metal container.

Collection No 322

CHEESE DOME WITH PLATE  7" diameter, design listed as "Cut Panels and Fine Diamond" and etched "Kalana Poppy".  Clear glass. Period 1900-1915.

Collection No 154

BOWL  Cylindrical 5-1/2" diameter, 2" high.  Clear glass, stone wheel engraved R. C.  Set in sterling basket.

Collection No NN 82

COMPORT  Clear glass, 4-1/2" diameter, 4" high.  Etched and gilded, "Swags and Bowls".. Purchased in a yard sale in Bethany PA for $4.00

Collection No NN 24

SPOONER  Venetian Repro Blue 4-1/2" high and 3-1/2" diameter.

Collection No NN 50

FINGER BOWL  Clear, etched "Chinese Daisies".  Reference Neg. 9 for design.

Collection No NN 35


FINGER BOWL AND PLATE  Feller page 32 Figure 3-08.

Collection No 752


Collection No 900

BOWL  Low, six-sided.  Clear glass, cut "Mandarin".  This bowl is a great example of cut glass at its best - good color and the cutting was executed on a very difficult shape.  Hand polished, 1890s.

Collection No 550

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